Friday, February 22, 2008

Periodic Sketches

Sketching is one of those essential things that I try to do everyday but time doesn't always permit or I become distracted for one reason or another. I usually start the day with a cup of java and listen to NPR news events to get the body warmed up and the brain functioning. As I enter the studio, I inspect my surroundings as I left it the previous evening. The computers are all warmed up, so I check my e-mail for possible messages or unanswered e-mails to send. After about five minutes on the internet I look for whatever sketchbook, pencil and kneaded eraser are within easy reach. I sit down and stare at the blank page and wonder what I will conjure up today. On some days this is easier than others. If I need to, I will start with some simple doodles and this gradually leads to more complex sketches. I really enjoy the tactile feel of the pencil on the paper because so much of my finished work ends up on the computer. When I do have a day or reach a point when the muse is speaking to me, I stick with my drawing until it is completed or I just become tired because it isn't always easy to return to this ideal state of drawing. If I am distracted or just not in the mood for drawing I will concentrate on another aspect of my illustration career.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Project Completed

I just completed some full colored electronic artwork for Houghton & Mifflin and Pearson Scott Foresman. These projects were exciting and required a colorful style for the publishers. I usually start each project with contacting the client and establishing a way to communicate such as e-mail and telephone. I will send the client two to three roughs before going to finish. I always send an invoice or contract to prevent any future problems. Both of these projects went smoothly except for the rush required for the completed work.