Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photoshop Technique

Here are some illustrations that I will explain how I was able to show a
transition from color to pencil sketch using Adobe Photoshop. First, I took
my finish pencil sketch and created a layer on top to color using the sketch
on the bottom layer as a guide. I switch back and forth with the multiply
mode to give me an idea as to how the work is shaping up. I don't color the
whole sketch, just enough so I can created a smooth transition with the mask feature using Photoshop.
Secondly, I created a third layer and color the whole background with a tint color. At this point I have three layers. A background flat colored layer, a sketch layer and a colored layer with a partial area of color. Thirdly, I go into the mask mode I select from my tools palette. Once in the mask layer I drag the mask tool on top of my sketch and created a mask. I return to the standard mode and hit the delete key to eliminate the portion of the sketch I desire so color from the top layer or color layer shows through. I exit and return to my third layer or partially colored layer and go through the same process as described with the sketch layer. I should have at this point three layers, two of which have been masked as well as my background tint color. I finish my work by merging all the layers and viola a completed piece of art.