Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walt Stanchfield Inspiration

I recently purchased two books by Walt Stanchfield suggested by a friend of mine. The books offer insight into the art of sketching and drawing. The material mentioned by Walt Stanchfield offer some inspiring thoughts and techniques to any person excited about sketching and drawing. My sketching has fallen by the wayside this past winter season and browsing these books I have found some new motivation and excitement to tackle my next visit to the local studio drawing sessions. Both books "Drawn to Life-20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes, Vol.1"and "Drawn to Life -20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes,Vol.2" Each book sells for $24.50 (including shipping) or a total of $49.00 which is a steal considering the wealth of information offered by an exceptional teacher who started his career with Disney Studios in 1937. This collection of reference material offers any illustrator information to improve ones skill and gives inspiring insight for keeping the sketching and drawing process evolving within you. I love reading Walt Stanchfield's humor driven insights and can't wait to apply his ideas at my next visit to the drawing sessions.These books are available at (Volume 1) and (Volume2).