Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky World

Some illustrations for friends to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternative Reality

When I am not working on commercial projects I will explore another style using photographs altered in Adobe Photoshop. I did a series of art pieces that incorporate sketching photographs in a very loose style. Once I feel the sketch is completed I scan it directly into Adobe Photoshop with separate layers. One layer for the pencil sketch and a separate layer above for coloring. I enjoy exploring the brush capabilities that Photoshop offers to alter my brushes. I am able to change the size for my brush or even create my very own by selecting the brush menu and selecting expanded view. My color selections involve complimentary and supplementary color selections. Exploring the mode feature on the top of the menu to the left and altering the menu bar in the layers feature gives me a greater latitude altering my use of color with my selected brushes. I even change the modes I work in moving from Duotone, RGB and Multichannel to alter the affect of colors within my image. When I reach a point where art piece is complete I save the file and make several prints. I will make any further adjustments before the image is finished. Enjoy!