Monday, January 31, 2011

Night Out

This past Friday evening I was in need of a break and decided to visit the South End in Boston. I ventured over to an art exibit opening at Space 242 titled "Good vs Evil". I didn't realize what to expect until I arrived to a packed gallery with an assortment of local artists and admirers.
The show consisted of paintings, three dimensional pieces, photographs and a series of animations. The overall style of artwork was heavily influenced by pulp magazines and retro-comicbooks from the last thirty years. The exhibit probably doesn't appeal to the general public but for those of you who appreciate an alternative to the visual arts this is your exhibit. The show displayed all sorts of surreal bizarre images that can only come from the fertile imagination of todays young visual artists.
I don't have time and writing space to give credit to all those who participated so I will mention just a few. Alyssa Adams has a painting titled" Mosquito Man". Her painting is unusual and strange with a large green mosquito crouched with a homely face holding what looks like a glass of blood. There is a black silhouette of a mosquito floating off to the right side. Alyssa uses color with lots of tone and this adds to this strange world she has created.
Allison Blackwell is another artist who created three pieces of art titled, "Star Jammer", "Super Roller Girl" and "Blue Streak". The female figures dominate her work and show boldness and strength. She uses pen and ink with a brush to define each woman that causes each figure to jump out towards the viewer. In each of Alyssa's paintings she has a solid area of bright color balance her black and white brush strokes and create a visual balance.
The last work of art I will mention is a three dimensional piece by Tom Torrey. He creates a Batman/Spiderman character sitting on a blue finished boat with an out-of-order sign placed to the left side. The superhero figure looks so amusing as he sits in this boat looking forward maybe thinking about his next cape crusade. He uses a fair amount of black mixed with his colors. Tom's colors have more tone and doesn't have the same brightness as in Alyssa's paintings.This creates for a far different mood for the viewer.
For those of you living or visiting the Boston area and looking for an alternative visual experience I suggest you visit the gallery Space 242. This exhibit will transfer you to another dimension and most importantly give you a well deserved break.
Visit Space 242 / 242 E. Berkley St.,2nd fl. / Boston , MA 02118
Check out the gallery att:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lighten Your Day with "SteamBoat Willie"

There are so many great animations from Walt Disney's early
days but one of my favorites is "SteamBoat Willie". I love all
the sound effects especially the scene with the goat eating
the music sheets and the guitar. The amusing clever animation
frames synchronized with the music,"Turkey in the Straw" is so clever and entertaining.
Check out this short animation to lighten up your day at: