Friday, March 23, 2012

Drawing from Live Models

          It has been some time since sketching from live models. I was so pleased to discover that the Museum of Fine Arts offers free Wednesday evening 6-9pm drawing sessions. I quickly went to Utrecht's and purchased a new drawing pad and assorted prisma pencils. Utrecht's sketchpad 50 lb. acid free 11"X14" satisfies my drawing needs. A few sharpened prisma pencils and a bottle of Snapple ice tea for breaks between sketching.
       The drawing session started promptly on time located in one of many old antiquity exhibition rooms at the museum. Such a classical feel to the whole drawing session. I really enjoy drawing from life because so much of my work is created on the computer. The feel of prisma pencil contacting paper sketching out parts of the figure. I can tell right away that I am out of practice and need some quick five minute poses to bring back the magic. I am constantly judging positive and negative space between the models body and areas where the model stands. I try to limit my erasing because, time is at a commodity with five minute poses. I start drawing quickly lightly adding darken strokes here and there for emphasis as I complete each sketch. Sometimes I bring assorted dry markers to explore other drawing mediums and experiment. I am already having flashbacks from reading one of Walt Stanchfield's two volume set of books on sketching called "Drawn to Life". These books are available at (Volume 1) and (Volume 2).
         Drawing sessions can be a hit or miss event for me and it depends on the models mood and how challenging they create their poses. Tonights model was a petite asian girl who was very good with her poses and strived to bring out the sketching ability from those drawing. I was pleased with my efforts and look forward to my next drawing session. 
I strongly suggest in-between assignments  gather your drawing pad and tools and look for the nearest location to sharpen up your sketching skills.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

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