Friday, June 26, 2015

Time to Draw a Monster

Drawing rocketships, robots and monsters is a lot of fun but creating monsters is what I really enjoy. I suppose it has to do with the subtle shapes required for drawing a monster rather than a robot or a rocketship. Robots and rocketships are mechanical and pretty much require solid defined lines.
When creating monsters I start out with a simple shape and think in 3-D. As I draw, the lines become more subtle and I start to bring out the characteristics of arms, legs, and the head if the monster has these features. What makes my monster different from a robot or rocketship is the overall shape. Monsters may have claws, horns and even a tail but this is my choice. Robots and rocketships have solid lines and are mechanical. Coloring adds to the final appeal for my monster. Until next time have a monster of a day. Sorry I had to say that.

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