Monday, February 8, 2016

Colored Grayscale Sketch

I took one of my favorite raccoon sketches and scanned it. The image was brought into Photoshop before converting it from grayscale to a duotone image. The mode of the image was changed to RGB and saved as a tiff file. I took the tiff file and brought it into Manga Studio 5. Manga Studio 5 has two of my favorite brushes, the G-pen 4 and Noise Pastel. These two brushes are used for specific reasons and the how they apply textural colors to my paintings. The G-pen 4 brush acts like a pen filled with ink. It applies color in fluid thin strokes. The Noise Pastel brush is wider and rougher when adding areas of color. I am able to color areas of the raccoons that have darker areas, such as the stripes on the tails, hands, and areas of the faces. I save the file in a tiff format and bring it back into Photoshop for more coloring. My sketch layer is turned into a multiply layer, so the layer below, colored gray will show through. I create a third layer above the sketch layer and add white highlights around sections of the two raccoons There you have my process for creating my gray toned illustration. I would like to hear your own thoughts about
your process.