Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Wolf The Duck & The Mouse

The story starts with the mouse being eaten by a wolf. The mouse discovers a duck in bed inside the wolf's stomach. The relationship begins, and the duck makes a case for staying in the wolf’s belly. The duck convinces the mouse to stay, and they both enjoy themselves. The duck and mouse start a ruckus, and this upsets the wolf’s stomach.

The duck suggests a remedy to the wolf who supplies them with more food to eat.
The wolf’s stomach aches from their feast. The hunter soon appears and discovers the wolf. The wolf tries to escape the hunter and trips and falls. The mouse stands up, and they decide to defend their home. The mouse and the duck shoot out of the wolf’s mouth straight at the hunter who escapes.

The wolf is saved from the hunter and grants the mouse and duck a favor. What do you think they ask for? I won’t ruin the story for you and let you find out. One of my favorite
children’s book worth reading..

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