Thursday, March 27, 2008

From Sketch To Finished Art

When I start an art piece I begin with the sketch. I go through several drafts before I am satisfied with the drawing and scan my sketch on my Canon scanner. I usually scan at about 300 d.p.i. for a four color process; otherwise 72 d.p.i is fine for the web.

I save my scanned sketch either as a tiff or eps and place the scan from the file menu into Illustrator CS2. I select the window menu and go to the color menu and adjust the image and change it to blue. I lock this layer so I don't alter it. I name this layer template. I create a separate layer above and start to draw with my customized brushes.

Once the drawing is finished I will print it out with my Epson printer. My next step is to bring the artwork into Photoshop. I place the image on a separate layer and lock it. I name my line art layer template.

I create a layer below the template layer and make sure the background is white. I place a layer above the template layer and select the mode menu and select multiply. I select multiply so I can color on this layer and not affect the template layer below.

I continue to color the artwork until I am pleased with the results. My brush selection varies so I can achieve either a flat color effect or an airbrush effect. I use the mode, opacity, flow, and width features that Photoshop supplies to taylor my brushes to fit my needs. You will find these adjustments at the top menu when you select the brush tool.

Sometimes I create a separate layer above the multiply layer so I can experiment with either the brush and the color selected. When my artwork is finished I save the file and print it out with my Epson printer. If I like what I see it's a keeper; otherwise I rework until I am satisfied. Well, there you have it with some insight, and how I sketch to finished art.