Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are You Familiar With Adobe's CS5 Width Tool?

Adobe Illustrator CS5 has some amazing tools worth exploring and improve your illustration skills.
One of my favorites is the width tool. This tool created the figures to the left. I will explain below
how this was done.
Using my mouse I selected the pen tool with my mouse and drew a vertical black line. Any color will do depending on what you are after. Refer to sample (A) below.
I select the width tool with my mouse and mouse over any part of my drawn vertical line a point immediately appears. Refer to samples (B) and (C) below. Pressing down with my mouse and dragging to the opposite direction or dragging inward a shape begins to appear. If I press down on my mouse and slide along the vertical line the shape changes. The more points I establish the more shapes will be created. Refer to sample (D) below.

I’ve noticed that selecting the command key, option or shift key on the Mac or control or alt keys on Window’s will affect the points therefore your shape. The control key will bring up a menu of options such as “undo with point change, redo width point change, etc. If you select a point along the edge of the shape and select the command key, the shape will expand on both sides. When I select the option key only one side or point will expand and change the shape.
Once I am satisfied with my shape I will embellish it with additional elements from the pen tool. I will touch-up the shape with the paint brush tool to create features for the face or added details for the clothing items. Refer to sample (E) below. I would encourage you to explore and experiment, discover how many unusual shapes you can create.
I would like to hear from you about your own creative possibilities. Send me some comments.

Monday, May 16, 2011