Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Sketch Study

Working on a new art piece and at a point creating layers in photoshop and adding some color for atmosphere. Playing with the Hue/Saturation from the Image menu. My next step is to start coloring 
the individual elements such as the alien, astronaut panda and the flying vessel in the distance. I will create some layers above the bottom layers and start coloring. The paint layer I am working on I will change to multiply so the color will blend from underneath. The individual elements will be painted with my brushes I created in Photoshop CS5. I will keep you posted as I complete more of this painting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strive for New Challenges

                                  You should seek out new challenges and opportunities that will enrich your creative
                                  development. This will probably involve taking on risks but should not be a reckless 
                                  gamble placing you in desperate straights. 

                                  The object to challenging yourself is to move out of your comfort zone. This will no
                                  doubt create unpleasant feelings. Learn to overcome what is holding you back.
                                  You will become a stronger and more confident person striving to taking on new 
                                  challenges. Those creative projects you never thought possible will become 
                                  exciting and give you the confidence as your career moves forward.

                                  Here is a list of reasons why you should leave your comfort zone.

                                  1) You won't discover what you are truly capable of unless you take on new

                                  2) There are sides of your personality that are worth exploring.

                                  3) Risk is worth it especially if you want to grow.

                                  4) Your comfort zone is hindering your real development.

                                  5) Clients will appreciate what you have to offer.

                                  6) You will have more to offer and your artwork will improve.

                                  7) The creative possibilities are limitless.

                                  8) Your leadership qualities will be recognized.

                                  9) You owe it to yourself to expand the possibilities.

                                10) This may turn out to be more fun than you thought possible.