Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Am Not Concerned About New Year's Resolutions

The new year is here and I don't give much thought to resolutions. 
I am more concerned about the challenges before me. I won't 
become overwhelmed as long as I organize my goals and set 
steps to achieve them.

My business is a priority but I do have a life and need to maintain 
it. Business is business but only as good as a healthy outlook. I will 
dance and sing songs.

I plan to dream bigger and better and go after creative jobs that
excite me. I won't let my objectives disrupt me but will handle as
small steps. I will stay positive and greet people with a smile.

My calendar will have goals listed and nothing on it I can not achieve.  
I will not loose focus, become overwhelmed and procrastinate. When
I need to take a break I will strike a pirate pose and say "Aarrr".

I will enjoy my relationships with family, friends and business 
folks. Most of all I will appreciate each day I awake to the sound of 
birds and the sun shining.

Important thought:
The future is now and belongs to those who believe in their dreams
and set out to reach them.