Sunday, January 25, 2009

So You Want To Freelance? Some Thoughts To Think About

Know Yourself Well:

How well do you know yourself because freelancing will require that you can deal with yourself alone for periods of time. This means when no work is coming in or you have a deadline and need to stick with your project and delay your social life.
You Are The Boss:
You will decide when to work or take a break. Decisions are made as you see fit as long as you complete your projects by the deadline. There is a lot of personal freedom to do errands or take a casual walk around the park when everyone else is at work. You are not constrained by working at an office cubicle nine to five. You are able to decide what needs to be accomplished each work day.
Stress And Tension:
There is a price to pay for this freedom and dealing with stress and tension exists as you wonder when the next project will arrive. You learn very quickly how to budget and allocate funds as needed. Do you have enough funds to market and create an effective marketing program?
When working on a project how many late nights or days do you have to work until you complete your project. You wear many hats to accomplish your tasks. You are a skilled psychologist dealing with many professionals(designers, editors, writers, etc.) negotiating to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible.
There are undefined boundaries between work and personal life that you learn to resolve. Since your home may be your studio, you have to decide with each working hours what to accomplish and when to spend time with family and friends.
Unlimited Growth Potential:
There is a lot of pressure that you face as a freelancer but there is also a lot of opportunity if you create good work, succeed with marketing, work with effective business skills and treat your peers professionally. Your job opportunities should increase as well as your income. You can take on different projects that you feel offer an avenue for personal growth and potential for increased income.

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