Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flashcards for Children

The flashcard alphabet samples above were created for young children. Palm Beach Software 
Design, Inc. commissioned me to create an alphabet and number series. The creative director, 
Mark is a great guy, who gave me free range when creating his vector images. All he requested 
was that whatever I came up with was appealing to young children. 

I had a lot of fun deciding what images to use and draw for each letter. Projects like this one 
require several sketches before scanning them into Photoshop CS5. After scanning I take the
tiff scans and bring them into Illustrator CS5 to create the final vector images. 

Submitting my images for approval required very few revisions. The creative director will 
eventually give the work to his programmers who will create the App for tablets and cell
phones. When I receive this information I will post the url so you can view the alphabet and 
number flashcards. I would like hear what you think of my samples.

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