Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Experiment Coloring Some Sketches

I gathered several of my sketches and decided to handle the finished artwork differently. The grayscale image above shows what I came up with. After organizing several sketches I scanned the final collaged image into Photoshop and placed it on a separate layer. I continued cleaning up the image and named this layer "Sketch". I created another layer on tofrom the "Sketch" layer for coloring and selected the "Multiply" mode. This gives me the ability to color on top of the "Sketch" layer while the sketch appears underneath the coloring. When I complete the coloring I selected "Image" from the menu above. I selected "Adjustment" and "Vibrance" from the drop down menu within Photoshop. I played with the "Vibrance" and "Saturation" levels on the coloring layer. I made a final test print. When satisfied with the final print the image is saved in a web format. I placed the final image on my blog for viewers to look over and comment. 

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