Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Features

I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet for drawing and painting with my iMac computer. This is not my first Wacom purchase and certainly not a Cintiq but this tablet is a fine piece of technology. The Wacom Intous5 is very responsive for creating vector and pixel images for my needs. The active medium area has ample room for moving around with my flexible stylus pen. I am really impressed with Wacoms' Customizable Express keys and Touch Ring for creating streamline settings for streamline work.

The Express Keys, Image (A) consist of eight buttons that you cycle through on the left side or right side if you are right handed. The Touch Ring, image (B) situated in the middle of the Express Keys is for cycling through your toggled buttons. If you select any of these keys a drop down menu appears. These drop down menus have a number of settings that perform functions similar to Actions using Photoshop. These functions can be any Actions you perform in Photoshop or any application that you work in within reason. If I lightly place my finger on the Express Keys or Touch Ring an image will lightly appear on my monitor and reminds me what the function performs.

I never was accustomed to previous versions of Wacom's function keys so I never really used them. My attitude has changed and I find Express Keys and Touch Rings very easy to use. Wacom makes it easy to create settings and placed these functions along side the active area. If I want to increase my brush size or image size I use my Touch Ring with my selected settings. I will eventually probably stop using Photoshops' Actions and only use Wacoms' powerful settings. I will be able to work faster and truly make the tablet my very own.

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