Sunday, February 10, 2013

Working for major publisher

Quickly finished these sketches before I start a good size project for McGraw-Hill. I can't say to much about it but as soon as I am allowed to post some samples I will. Meanwhile, let me explain how I created these quick sketches. I was inspired looking at Game of Thrones a television series. I quickly did the sketches while watching one episode. Once I had my sketches I scanned the images into Photoshop placed on a layer and from the Mode menu selected grayscale and selected a duotone color.
Once I have my figures in duotone mode I added the background shading using an assortment of  brushes that Photoshop has in the brush menu. I actually have a series of textured brushes saved for whenever I work on my paintings. I actually have two layers one with the sketches and one with the background layer with the textured shading. When I am satisfied with the coloring I will flatten the layers and go into the Image menu and select Vibrance from the Adjustments and brighten the colors. When I am satisfied with the appearance I will spend time looking over the sketch before I feel it is finished. Enjoy!

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Marty Qatani said...

Nice job Paul... and congrats on the project ! I always find it interesting to hear other's work process. Thanks for posting.