Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some Thoughts On Being An Illustrator

As Illustrators we all want to work on exciting projects that pay well. The reality of the situation is that there are less high paying illustration commissions. This means that in order to succeed and grow as illustrators we need to think about offering new services. You might want to consider offering design, animation or video services for example.

Just because you have an awesome style and some connections. This doesn't guarantee your illustration career will survive. Once your projects are completed do you know when your next one will arrive? What are you doing to continue your creative output and have your services continue to be in demand. Solutions are all around us. It's up to you whether you have the initiative and drive to start something challenging and rewarding. What is holding you back? You shouldn't let the fear of starting a new goal or project overwhelm you. To get started think about projects that are dear to your heart and ways to make them become reality. Why not think of some goals like writing a children's book. Are comic books dear to you. Try creating a comic book. Have you always thought about putting a graphic novel together. This may be the right time to start one. App's are very popular. What do you need to do to create one? That children's project in the back of your mind just might make a great eBook project.

These are just a few suggestions waiting for you to start your goal and keep your creative drive moving forward. Remember there is no progress made without some sacrifice. Lots of opportunities exist and you should give it a try and see what you come up with. Who knows you just might enjoy your new accomplishments. Take small steps at a time and don't let the thought of what you are up against overwhelm you. You are exploring sides of your personality that you never thought possible. This should be an exciting time for you. Challenging yourself with a new goal will make you a stronger and more confident professional.

After succeeding with your new goal maybe you could write a blog article about your experiences. I am sure your friends, colleagues and professionals would like to read about your experiences. Maybe they are tackling the same challenges and would appreciate reading about the same challenges from another person in their position.  You will come across much more as a professional with a human side.

There you have it. A few thoughts attempting to become a more successful illustrator. A new project or challenge may be just what you need to get yourself back into your creative mode and and continue to develop your business into a more successful venture.

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