Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Museum Sketches

 It's been awhile since I have done any serious sketching from live models. I thought a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Wednesday's life drawing session was worth a visit. The drawing sessions at the museum take place in a number of exhibit rooms and this adds to the overall sketching mood. I enjoy drawing from life because so much of my work is created on the computer and this take's away from the natural drawing process. The tactile feel with pencil to paper adds so much to my drawing experience. I usually take with me a pad of Utrecht acid free 50 lb. paper. I really enjoy the feel of prisma pencils and carry along 30 pencils of various colors. I bring along not just prisma pencils but charcoal, lead pencils and markers to explore how these mediums will affect my sketches. I can tell very quickly just how out of practice I am within the first fifteen minutes. It will take me about an hour to reach my ideal sketching mood. 

Drawing sessions start out with ten minute poses and gradually lengthen to thirty minutes. I find that in order to have a successful sketching session depends on  two factors. The first being how inspired I am. Second, is how ambitious are the models. Some models really challenge me while others are doing just enough to qualify for a pose. When these two factors are in sync the drawing sessions can be very inspirational. The sketches above are from several of my Wednesday evening sessions. 

Here are some reference sources from Walt Stanchfield's. He was an American animator, writer and teacher. Stanfield is known for work on a series of classic animated feature films at Walt Disney Studios and his mentoring of Disney animators. His two volume books can be purchased from , 

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