Monday, May 27, 2013

Museum Visit To Study Master Paintings

Visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and tried to salvage a messy wet Memorial weekend. My plan was to visit the French and Dutch masters and start studying the masters amazing paintings. I was overwhelmed by what they were capable of achieving directing the viewer as to how to move around their masterpieces. One of my favorite paintings was the French master Jean-León Gérôme painting his Moorish Bath 1870 . HIs use of composition combined with value and color creating a beautiful painting. He was quite a draftsman  placing two female figures just so and placing the marble wall to the right creating a balance composition. Notice how he uses the robes draped over the wall with warm colors with that of the black servant and the decorated pattern designs to integrate the elements. The artist highlights parts of the female figure so she stands out and adds bright highlights on the servants turban. A touch of of light paint to suggest the sun's highlights on the upper left side of the wall for contrast and balance. There is no awkwardness in this composition all the elements work within directing the viewer accordingly. His warm use of whites and tinted browns suggest an intimate setting. The use of positive and negative space to give enough information for the viewer. The artist gives enough negative space for the viewer to rest with before taking in more elements of the painting. This painting achieves what the artist intends. He uses all of the tools at his disposal to create a beautiful masterpiece.
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