Monday, June 3, 2013

Creating Vector Illustrations For Animations

The above illustrations were created for McGraw-Hill's publisher's math program. I was commissioned to create a variety of exciting digital illustrations. The illustrations were turned into layouts and used as guides for creating numerous animations. 

The project manager was very professional and allowed me enough leeway in creating the illustrations as long as final concepts were maintained. The final animations will be used to explain math concepts for high school students. 

I was able to use some of the exciting tools within Illustrator CS5. A variety of cool color affects were achieved using the blob brush and pen tool creating outlines for these images. The gradation tool assisted  me in creating a variety of color gradations.

The final illustrations were very successful and everybody was pleased with the final results.

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Dave Wessels said...

Hi Paul,

Love the fisher with the shoe as bait! Haha! Great! I still don't understand why Adobe can't think of a vector brush that can be erased without automatically adjusting the thick/thin flow of the strokes. Toon Boom Studio has it! Anyway, love the illustrations!